Female infertility

Reasons & Causes

There are various reasons for female infertility:
Tubal damage: The most common factor of female infertility is tubal damage occurring as either occlusion or as impairment. The main reason is a medical history of tubal inflammation (chlamydia).


  1. Severe endometriosis, which is another reason for female infertility, is a disease caused by adhesions in the region of inner genital organs that distorts and diverts its normal function.
  2. Even, the light form of endometriosis prevents procreation through multiple mechanisms, such as impairment of ovulation, dysfunction in the transport of sperm, eggs or embryos to the fallopian tubes and implanting in the uterus. The laparoscopy will give us useful information about whether there is a need of surgical repair or IVF.The ovulation disorders are initially treated with medication, but if despite all efforts the pregnancy is not possible, the IVF is an option when playing time is running out.

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Unexplained infertility:

Unexplained infertility is defined as the lack of pregnancy when the basic medical examinations do not detect any obvious problem in the genital tract of the couple. In these cases the problem lies in the microcosm and IVF can diagnose it or override it. Because a woman’s age is the key component in fertility, women over 40 need immediate treatment to have a solution to their problem, even when all factors may seem normal.

Immune-based infertility:

A hidden cause of infertility is the immune-based infertility, but it has not been fully clarified. IVF often bypasses immunological problems, providing therapeutic drug, which are protecting embryos simultaneously with their implantation.

Lack of egg production in the ovaries:

When the woman does not produce eggs anymore or does not have ovaries, IVF offers a solution through donated eggs from other women under the age of 35. Similarly, when repeated insemination with sperm donation fails, then IVF is the most appropriate solution.

Today, with the major advances in cytogenetics, biopsy of embryos is possible. This technique gives us genetic information by taking a single cell from an eight cell embryo. Thus through IVF/biopsy we can diagnose chromosomal health of a fetus, the sex, in order not to transport embryos with chromosomal translocations or the female or male embryos if an X-linked disease is detected.

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