Creating the Ideal IVF Conditions

Since January 1, 2007 Mitosis IVF Center has operated in a new address: Sachtouri 24, Piraeus.

In a fully renovated neoclassical building, we have created the suitable space that meets the highest standards of operation and ensures the ideal conditions for the processes required.

More specifically, Mitosis IVF Center possesses:

  • the interior fittings required for a modern IVF Center: a reception, medical staff offices and meeting offices, a fully equipped laboratory section, a special sperm collection room, Cryopreservation and Sterilization departments, examination rooms and an operating room,
  • The necessary infrastructure needed for a unit with different temperature requirements according to each area: full electric power autonomy, automatic alarm systems, composite and reinforced air conditioning units, advanced sterilization techniques, nitrogen equipment etc

Here you can get a first impression of the Mitosis IVF Center facilities