The most advanced technology in IVF services - IVF Center Mitosis

The most advanced technology in IVF services

Mitosis IVF center is fully equipped with all the machinery, as well as all the necessary laboratory and medical equipment of the most advanced reproductive technology.

All our rooms comply with the strictest antimicrobial and atmospheric standards, while all the equipment is connected to an independent electrical generator that ensures its autonomy and its uninterrupted operation.

Among other things, Mitosis IVF Center possesses:

especially designed incubators maintaining optimum conditions during embryo cultivation
incubators allowing heat recovery from the moment of egg collection until its final choice
sophisticated stereoscopic microscopes for greater accuracy and higher resolution at every step of fertilization and embryo development
chambers suitable for biological and laboratory analysis, ensuring high security and a higher level of sterilization by external environmental factors
advanced chambers suitable for microscopic work offering ergonomy and a totally secure environment for all the fertilization procedures
suction devices of maximum reliability for better and more efficient development and cultivation of oocytes
freezers equipped with the latest monitoring and alarm systems, which are a prerequisite for the Cryopreservation Department
high-speed centrifuges for a more effective purification of the samples

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