Assisted Hatching

For Women of Advanced Reproductive Age

By the term “Assisted Hatching” we mean the creation of a small hole in the zona pellucida of the embryo using laser, in order to facilitate its implantation in the uterus.

Assisted Hatching - In Vitro Fertilization - Centre FIV Mitosis

Assisted Hatching - Centre FIV MitosisAssisted Hatching - In Vitro Fertilization - Centre FIV Mitosis

The hardening of the zona pellucida which is associated with the woman’s age, levels of the FSH hormone and the cause of infertility, has been additionally associated negatively with implantation rates (Loret De Mola et al., 1997).

Assisted hatching:

  • is mainly applied to fetuses of women of advanced reproductive age (where the zona pellucida is often more harsh than usual),
  • is also suggested to couples after repeated failures of implantation.