Why Choose Greece for IVF Treatment?

Why choose Greece for IVF TreatmentAs well as having a culture of assisted reproduction that sees Greece have the highest number of children per capita born via assisted methods, the country is now widely acclaimed as having the most suitable legal set-up to help women to reproduce.

Greece’s state-of-the-art technology, excellent price lists (treatment in Greece can be three times less expensive than in countries such as the UK) and highly modern facilities means that it is now one of the top options for medical tourism in general and for fertility treatment particularly.

Greece is able to provide comprehensive IVF services in a very special environment, offering highly trained medical experts who are attuned to the needs of hopeful parents. As in the case of Dr. Arkoulis at the Mitosis Clinic, Greek doctors have studied extensively abroad and brought comprehensive skills and knowledge back to the Greek medical community.

There is a specific regulatory body in Greece to oversee IVF clinics and to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements. IVF clinics are regularly inspected to ensure standards are being met and the Mitosis Clinic also has the ISO 9001 quality accreditation, which attests to the clinic’s commitment to quality and safety.

Greece is also a popular place for treatment because the staff are well-trained and experienced, donors are assured anonymity unlike in countries such as the UK, and the cost of the treatment is cheaper in comparison with most other countries in Europe. Costs range from EUR 2,500 for treatment with the mother’s own eggs to EUR 3,500 for IVF treatments with donor eggs.

Flight times to Greece are not long, and neither are the waiting lists for consultations. The Mitosis Clinic’s location in Piraeus just south of Athens means that patients can take a relaxing break and enjoy all that the historical Greek culture and fabulous weather has to offer while they recover.

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