Endometrium Testing

Tests that are Included

Endometrium Testing During IVF - Mitosis

  1. Endometrium testing for microorganisms – bacteria, viruses – detecting the genetic material (DNA) of microorganisms with Real time PCR.
  2. Endometrium testing for chronic emdometritis detecting CD138+ plasmatocytes with immunohistochemistry.
  3. Endometrium testing for endometrium receptivity with ERA test or ERPeak test.

This test gives us information for the days, that the endometrium is receptive for implantation of blastocysts. The answer is if is normal or the “window” of implantation is shifted, characterized the endometrium pro – or pre – receptive.

There is a chance, approximately 5%, not to have clear results from this test. Even thought, the endometrium is receptive on that specific day, there is no certainty of getting pregnant because the process of implantation may be affected by the embryos themselves or other factors.