Results of In Vitro Fertilization Cycles

In Vitro Fertilization with the Highest Success Rates

Mitosis In Vitro Fertilization Center has achieved a significant increase in success rates which does not only prove our dynamic, but also renders our IVF Center one of the safest and better quality options for couples facing infertility problems.In this effort of ours the following factors are of paramount importance:

  • our highly trained personnel that perform more than three hundred IVF cycles annually with excellent results,
  • our continuous investment in new technology, as well as the systematic use of the new emCell-i machine, which contributes to a more efficient management of the cases we undertake,
  • our keeping ourselves up to date with the latest international scientific developments and studies providing new data and new parameters in the field of IVF.

The following graph showing results concerning the positive values of b-HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin b)

Results of In Vitro Fertilization Cycles - Mitosis IVF Clinic Greece