Uteroscopy (Diagnostic-Invasive)

Fast and Painless Solution with Maximum Results

Diagnostic uteroscopy is performed quickly and painlessly, such as a visit for Pap test, and is recorded on video as a medical record. The interior of the uterus, the area of implantation of embryos and fetal hospitality area is now accessible. Its examination with the hysteroscope, namely with direct vision, gives us important information on the factors which contribute to reduced fertility, such as:

  • the quality of the endometrium,
  • the presence of polyps,
  • scars or evidence of inflammation.

Interventional uteroscopy is another modern form of uteroscopy that takes place in our center. It usually requires anesthesia and to that end our clinic is the safe place to perform it. Uteroscopy surgery is a gentle, brief surgery that offers the best results in minimum time, when it comes to overcome negative factors that deform the uterine cavity and prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriages.
In our clinic:

  • we remove polyps,
  • we resolve adhesions and bulkheads.

Uteroscopy - In Vitro Fertilization - Centre FIV - Mitosis

Uteroscopy Diagnostic Invasive - In Vitro Fertilization - Centre FIV Mitosis