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Welcome to the «Mitosis» Center website. Read about the IVF and Molecular Biology Procedure and Services at our center. Information on the causes of Infertility, diagnostic methods and the importance of Assisted Reproduction through Articles and Video Interviews of Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis.

Dr. Arkoulis Theodosis

Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis - Head of Mitosis In Vitro Fertilization Center - Obstetrician - Gynecologist

Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis is the head of τhe In Vitro Fertilization Center «Mitosis» since 1990. An IVF specialist with over 35 years of dedication in the field of Assisted Reproduction and 23 publications on Human Reproduction & Fertility.

With experience & expertise, non-stop engagement, constant updating and the respect required, Dr. Arkoulis and the «Mitosis» IVF Center team, have been by the side of people who wish to become parents, making sure their dream becomes reality, for all these years.

Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis

Mitosis YouTube Channel

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Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis responds to important questions about Infertility, what causes it and how to treat it. Learn about the Procedure and IVF Services & Molecular Biology of IVF Center «Mitosis».

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Infertility & IVF

With absolute respect for each different case, we always aim to fulfill the dream of every person who wants to become a parent.

With 3 decades of experience in the field of Infertility, absolute specialization, complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the application of every modern Medical-Scientific method, as well as the use of Special Building Facilities & Latest Equipment Technology that we have at the Mitosis In Vitro Fertilization Center, we can Guarantee High Quality Service and 100% personalized Guidance and care during the process.

The Greek In Vitro Fertilization Center “Mitosis” is now a leading player in Greece and abroad, with significant competitive advantages, offering its services to citizens and couples of other countries abroad who trust us to fulfill their dreams.

Location & Accessibility

Location of “Mitosis” IVF Center and downloadable directions on Google Maps, for easy and quick access wherever you are in Greece.