Infertility, a Global Phenomenon Explained and Treated

Nowadays, every couple can have children. Even when the man’s problem is very serious, there are currently various methods used in IVF that may provide a solution.

Approximately 15% of couples trying to have a child are facing difficulties. Although in the past there was a perception that women are responsible, it is now known that in about half of the cases the problem is due to a male factor.

Therefore, each estimation of a couple’s infertility should include a comprehensive study of the man.

It is important to understand that the problem of infertility concerns the couple as a unit and should be treated as such.

Men are often surprised to learn that infertility can hit them as often as it does to women or even more often sometimes.

In many cases, male infertility is not just a problem of reproductive function, but a more serious health problem.

For example, abnormalities in a sperm sample can be the first sign of testicular cancer or in some cases poor quality sperm can later lead to bone and muscle mass impairment.