Laparoscopy (Diagnostic-Invasive)

Our center is integrated into a modern general hospital and has direct contact with the surgery theater where they perform all kinds of laparoscopic surgery for the infertile couple.

Diagnostic laparoscopy is an indispensable tool in the investigation of infertility. It does not require stayover in the clinic and the information gathered refers to the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the outer surface of the uterus. During diagnostic laparoscopy:

  • any adhesions, which are not recognized by any other diagnostic tool, are observed,
  • the existence of endometriosis is checked,
  • tubal status is checked,
  • the process is recorded in medical video file.

Invasive laparoscopy is another modern form of laparoscopy in which several procedures are performed without opening the abdomen. These are the following:

  • removal of endometriosis cysts,

  • adhesiolysis,
  • removal or exclusion hydrosalpinx,
  • removal of fibroids.

Laparoscopy (Diagnostic-Invasive) in Mitosis IVF Clinic Greece
Laparoscopy (Diagnostic-Invasive) in IVF Center Greece Mitosis
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