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Pros and Cons of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF Pros & Cons

With the many debates and opinions available online about in vitro fertilization, let’s sum up the most common pros and cons we hear about the procedure.


  • It enables couples who are struggling to reproduce, to conceive their own biological children.
  • Advanced technologies such as pre-genetic diagnosis (PGD) enables embryos to be genetically screened and tested for abnormalities. This is especially important for couples with a family history of genetic disorders.
  • It enables couples to use donor eggs or sperm if required, when they otherwise would not be able to have children.
  • Nowadays it is extremely common to undergo fertility treatment. It is much more socially acceptable to have in vitro fertilization, than it was years ago.


  • In vitro fertilization can be expensive. In the United States for example, a cycle can cost upwards of $12000 USD, not including medication and any advanced technological procedures required. However, this cost can be significantly lower in other countries.
  • It may not work. Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees with the process, and some couples will remain childless, despite numerous treatments. With couples experiencing one or more negative cycles, it can be an emotionally distressing process.
  • Some couples may not be comfortable with religious and or moral opposition to the use of advanced technology and bypassing the ‘usual’ way to conceive a child.
  • The drugs used in the process can sometimes produce uncomfortable and painful side effects.
In any case, choosing or not choosing IVF must be a personal and informed decision.
8 May 2017