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Cost of In Vitro Fertilization: US vs. Europe

What is the cost of In Vitro Fertilization?

With the average cost of in vitro fertilization in the United States being over $12000 USD per basic cycle, unfortunately having children may be completely out of reach for many couples. This cost does not include medication or advanced reproductive technology such as pre-genetic diagnosis of embryos (PGD), which can realistically increase your bill to upwards of $20000 USD per cycle.


Often, in vitro fertilization is not included, or is restricted on insurance plans. It is important to check with insurance providers as to what they cover prior to considering treatment. Certain states have mandatory insurance requirements for in vitro fertilization treatments.

Payment Plans

Many clinics offer payment plans or reduced payment options depending on financial circumstances. Some clinics even offer packages at a reduced rate if numerous cycles are purchased upfront.

Travelling Abroad

With the cost of in vitro fertilization being up to 80% cheaper in other countries, it is no wonder that many Americans are choosing to travel abroad for their fertility treatments. In Greece for example, fertility treatment is considerably cheaper starting from around 2500€ (approx. $2640 USD) per cycle, with comparable success rates and state of the art facilities and world class medical professionals. Even factoring in airfare and accommodation, travelling abroad is becoming an attractive affordable option for many couples.
19 April 2017