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Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis’ article on endometriosis

17 May 2017

Dr. Theodosis Arkoulis’ insights on endometriosis Endometriosis remains a tough issue for gynecologists, whether manifested as pelvic pain (cyclical or chronic) or as infertility. Diagnosis as well as treatment is difficult. This is why doctors in European and international conferences suggest the establishment of endometriosis centers where women will be provided with thorough screening and […]

What causes female infertility?

12 May 2017

The reasons behind female infertility Infertility is affecting 10% of Greece’s reproductive population, which translates to approximately 300,000 couples. The most common factor for infertility involves fallopian tube lesions, which manifest either as an obstruction or as a malfunction. The main cause of this condition is a history of fallopian tube inflammation. Severe endometriosis also […]

Pros and Cons of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

8 May 2017

IVF Pros & Cons With the many debates and opinions available online about in vitro fertilization, let’s sum up the most common pros and cons we hear about the procedure. Pros: It enables couples who are struggling to reproduce, to conceive their own biological children. Advanced technologies such as pre-genetic diagnosis (PGD) enables embryos to […]

What are Fibroids?

8 May 2017

What are they and how do they impact fertility? Fibroids are the most common anomaly in the uterus. They are benign tumors that consist of smooth muscle fibers and fibrous tissue. The exact causes of the condition are not known. Their growth is affected by hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, while heredity is also a risk […]

When fertility is threatened by cancer and other conditions

26 April 2017

Nowadays, many people suddenly come face to face with the reality of cancer. Moreover, the rate of adult patients below the age of 40 as well as the rate of adolescent patients is sadly increasing at a very fast pace. Given the fact that this population consists of individuals of reproductive age, the problem at hand […]

Cost of In Vitro Fertilization: US vs. Europe

19 April 2017

What is the cost of In Vitro Fertilization? With the average cost of in vitro fertilization in the United States being over $12000 USD per basic cycle, unfortunately having children may be completely out of reach for many couples. This cost does not include medication or advanced reproductive technology such as pre-genetic diagnosis of embryos […]

Embryo transfer: the final stage of the IVF procedure

13 April 2017

Nowadays, more and more women are trying to have a child through assisted reproduction. The final stage before the IVF procedure is complete is the embryo transfer. Read on to find more about how it is performed. Trial embryo transfers Embryo transfer is the last step in an IVF attempt but at the same time […]

What is a miscarriage?

7 April 2017

Definition and causes In a miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion, the embryo’s development stops. Pregnancy is not progressing while the dead embryo remains inside the uterus and is removed by an obstetrician with surgery. In some cases, the placenta will continue to function for a small period of time. Causes of miscarriages vary. In […]

What are the side effects of IVF?

4 April 2017

IVF side effects and how to handle them Every woman going through an IVF cycle reacts differently. Some women are lucky and go through treatment quite well, both physically and emotionally. Others however, struggle with pain, bloating and extreme moodiness. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how you are going to react to the […]

Pre-implantation genetic screening

28 March 2017

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a useful asset in cases where there is possibility of fetal defect due to a hereditary lesion passed down from a phenotypically healthy or affected parent. This method has caused discordance as to its effectiveness in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss or its use in women of advanced reproductive age. Among […]