Quality Policy – In Vitro Fertilization Clinic Mitosis

The operation of “Mitosis” Centre for Assisted Reproduction in Piraeus is governed by the principles reflected in the Quality Management System. The Quality System is based on the requirements established by the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 and on the legislative and regulatory requirements that define the operating framework for the Centres for Assisted Reproduction.

The Quality System is geared towards the “customers” of the Centre, who are examined for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The planning is intended to cover both the requirements and the expectations of the “customers”, as well as the legislative and regulatory requirements governing its operation.

The key objectives of the Quality System are:

  • The organization of the services provided in a way that gives the benefiters a sense of safety and security throughout all the services provided by the Centre,
  • The coordination and the monitoring of all the supporting activities of its operation, in order to maintain a high and reliable level of services,
  • The compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework governing the operation of the Centre,
  • The continuous improvement of the services provided and of the overall functioning of the Quality System through regular monitoring of its effectiveness and suitability.

The achievement of the above objectives is defined through the basic processes of the Quality System, which define actions such as:

  1. The systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of the system through quality councils, whereby, among other things, the objectives for quality are established and reviewed ,
  2. The clear definition of the customers’ requirements and expectations and the measurement of their satisfaction,
  3. The continuous monitoring of the suppliers’ performance,
  4. The continuous training of the personnel as a whole,
  5. The provision of all the necessary resources (human, material and immaterial) for the effective operation of the Centre,
  6. The documented search of the causes of the problems and the weaknesses, in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective or/ and preventive actions so as to avoid the reappearance of the problems.

The overall implementation of the principles of the system is ensured through the constant updating and training of the personnel at all levels, having as our main purpose the creation of the relative consciousness of the aims and the philosophy of the system.